Today we went on an amazing trip in Somoto Canyon, on trails and through rivers. In the morning, we woke up early and had breakfast, then got on the bus to go straight to the canyon. After getting off the bus, the sudden increase in the temperature made us more excited to wade through the river later on. After we all received colorful life jackets to ensure our safety, we headed on the trail to the river with the guides and lifeguards, parting ways with the GG leaders and Vivien who went on an alternative hike.

45 minutes of walking later, we reached the river. Putting our water bottles, inhalers, cameras, and snacks in the dry bag, we began our journey into the river. At first the cold water surprised most of us, but as we continued on our ´water hike´ we got use to it. We tripped, slid, hit our butts, peed (maybe), and much more in the river, but we all made it through safe and sound. At two points, we had to jump off of cliffs, the first was 5 feet and the second about 30 feet. With the support of the group, we were all able to do it, and boy are we glad we jumped! After the river hike, we took 2 boats to a trail which led to our bus. Reaching the bus, the boys and girls took turns to change and then we all had a yummy lunch of sandwiches, juice boxes, and churritos.

Since we were ahead of schedule, we received 2 hours of free time to go about the city on our own in groups of 4+. Some went to grocery stores for snacks, some went to other shops for souvenirs. Overall, it was a very fun and exciting day that I´m sure we´ll all remember.

Through this adventure we learned the power of a positive mind. Because we all had each other´s support, we all were motivated to keep going and make the best of our experience. Fears and phobias were overcome through the strength of our determined minds and the support of our peers. I am proud of everyone because we not only daringly jumped from the cliffs (even those who couldn´t swim), but also because we encouraged each other till the end and took care of each other so well.

Today I really saw how it doesn´t take one person to lead, in reality it takes a whole group to work together to accomplish their common goal. All in all, we had a fantastic day filled with fun and unforgettable memories. 🙂