Hey everyone, Nayeli here! After a long wait we were eager to start our first day of  Community Action Project (CAP) at Barrilete. As El Lider Del Dia I woke everyone up at 7:00 am by banging pots and pans outside their doors an effective way that got them up and moving to eat breakfast at 8:00am at the famous Imabite. After breakfast we headed back to the hostel in where we started our Program Seminar  with an Energizer and Letters Of Appreciation to show  gratitude to our donors for giving us  the opportunity to become apart of something different and worth learning for. Around 10:00 am we were split up into two groups one was construction who went with Brayan one of our many GG leaders  to buy pipes, saws and other important items that were needed to create a water  connection. As for the painting group they were accompanied by Kerstin who as well is GG leader went around Leon buying the supplies  for the mural.

An hour later we met up at the hostel to walk together to Imabite for lunch, as we finished lunch we went back to the hostel to gear up and get ready for our leave to Barrilete. We loaded up all the supplies we bought earlier onto the bus and headed to Barrilete . When we arrived we were greeted by all the children which put smiles on our faces  because they came running to us giving huge smiles and hugs. The groups began to work ,the construction team started cutting through the cement until reaching the dirt and continued to shovel out dirt making it deep enough for the canal. While the mural team cleaned the walls of a classroom and after most of the dirt was off we began to paint the walls , in the short time that we had , both groups were able to make a huge progress in our first day.

After our CAP , we headed back to the hostel to get cleaned up for dinner and English tutoring . We had dinner at Imabite around 5:30 pm and after we left to English tutoring which takes about 2 hours every evening through out the weekday. Once we were done teaching our English classes we proceed to leave at 8:00 pm back to the hostel and have our nightly meeting in where ELDD (El Lider Del Dia ) was passed onto Daniela Patiño.

ELDD has taught me that it is not just about guiding others but having a mentality that is always to be optimistic about every situation that gets thrown in your way and to be okay with making mistakes. As well as knowing that you have confidence within yourself.