Hi everyone it’s todays leaders of the day: Josh, Eliza and Jaydel! After a weekend off from English tutoring, we resumed our “professions” with an early 6:30 am start. Our breakfast consisted of a cheese empanada accompanied with a variety of Ecuadorian organic fruit (are you jealous?). After breakfast we went to the school and spent our morning teaching our students, “furthering their intellectual capacities”~ Josh. Little did we know that the most challenging part of our day was yet to come.

Today was the first day of our Community Action Project (CAP), which consists of four ambitious projects that include: renovating the basketball court, bathrooms, painting the exterior walls, adding two murals to the school and providing them with learning materials. We put our best foot forward and got started on scrapping, plastering, washing, and priming the walls. You name it, we did it! After a few hours of “arduous” labor we had our lunch break and we danced, sang and laughed together. Then it was right back to work, united by our GREAT taste in music.

After a long day of hard work, we got back on the bus and continued to sing together. We arrived back at La Primavera ready for some well earned free time and showers, but our determination did not subside and we proceeded to hold a meeting about how to effectively use our materials and time in order to complete our CAP project. During the meeting we learned the importance of budgeting and communication. Then we took our free time and went to get snacks to replenish our snack supply.

We were greeted by a lovely surprise. Unexpectedly we reunited with all of the children we worked with on Saturday from Manitas Trabajadoras, who presented us with a kind gift. Shortly after, we concluded our long day with a nice dinner of kababs (Ecuadorian of course).

We miss you all very much and cant wait to see you all on Friday.

PS to Josh’s parents, please check your emails.
PS to Elizas’ parents, keep the snap streak up
PS to Jaydel’s parents, los extraño!