Hey guys, Katie and Litzy here!!!

We hope everything is well but we first wanted to begin by telling you about our day.

Today was community action project (CAP) day one and it was super fun. We started off the day by waking up pretty early and drove to the beach in Pedasí where we were building our turtle hatchery. The bus ride there was extremely fun. Erik was kind enough to make us a Panamanian playlist, which we enjoyed.

The Glimpsers as well as local high school and university students came together to bring this project to life. Building the hatchery included a lot of hard work in the heat, as shown when sweat dripped down our faces. Jason even made a remark saying, “Lick it”, when there was sweat on our noses.

In the meantime, other Glimpsers were doing a beach clean up.

We had lunch on the beach where we were able to enjoy a beautiful view and sandwiches (which had a little bit too much mustard). After lunch we continued working hard and didn’t head back home to the hotel until 4pm.

When we arrived we were able to rest up or explore Las Tablas for about 2 hours. Many of us slept or got ice cream, which is only a block away. We had dinner and had the usual nightly meeting to sum up our day. To spice it up a little, Lydia (our medical fellow) taught us a short salsa lesson. After a long day, we could can finally get a good nights rest.

Today, we learned the importance of teamwork and perseverance. We couldn’t be happier to help save the TORTUGAS!

Mom, dad, Yerelin, Evelyn, Daniela, Alex and friends I miss you all so much and can’t wait to come back home to tell you all about my trip. Te quiero mucho mami, see you all soon. <3 -litz

Mommy, daddy, Zach, Carly, and Nick: I’m always thinking about you and I miss you lots. I can’t wait to tell you about my trip and show you pictures. Panamá has been so well (I mean good haha). You have been in my daily prayers. I love you so much! – Katie Pie 🙂