Day 13: CAP 1
Hello parents and friends. Today was the first day of our community action project. We began our day at 7 and had a delicious breakfast, as usual. We then took a bumpy bus ride to Preescolar Santo Domingo. We arrived and quickly got to work. Our group is split into two sub-projects. Some students worked on a mural, while others spruced up the yard.
The muralists started with a nice coat of primer to make sure the wall was ready for our beautiful mural. Our new close friend Julio Moreno, a famous muralist in Nicaragua, and his student Marco, helped us sketch out our idea of what we want the mural to look like. He made our creative ideas a reality by helping us with any questions we had. A green haze started on the left side of the wall as we started to put the base color for the mountain. The right side on the hand, had a darker mood with darker colors sweeping over the volcano. Near the bottom of the wall, yellow, orange, and pink gazed across, and the colors fade into one another. As you move to the right side the colors get darker using plum, navy blue, and dark blue. One glimpser started the villages to show the culture of Nicaragua, which will soon be filled in. For it being the first day of CAP, we got a lot of the mural done.

image image
The landscapers were also very productive, and are running way ahead of schedule. We accomplished all of our goals for the day and have a solid plan for tomorrow. We removed dangerous objects from the playground (if you can even call our area a playground), and used copious amounts of thorns to fortify a hole in the fence that thieves uses to sneak into the school and steal plants. We planted new bushes around the perimeter of the yard. We deconstructed 3 dangerous and old tire swings and replaced them with one that the students will actually be able to use. We also cleared the garbage from the playground area. Later, we returned to Hotel Chico feeling filthy and exhausted.

CAP 1 was a great success. We expect tomorrow to be even better. We will have the company of niños since they will be in class during our working periods. Of course, happy Father’s Day, we all love and miss you!
“Peace out from Estelí 1A, later.”
~Cameron and Zuleima