Hey everyone!!! Today was the most difficult, yet productive day so far. Waking up at 5 am, we understood the long day ahead of us and we were ready to take it on with our peers. We started off our day going to the supply store to get the last remaining supplies we needed for our community action project. Then, we made our way over to Nutre Hogar to begin working.

We were divided into three separate areas of focus and were tasked to perform at our highest capability. Throughout the 4-hour workday, we recognized the strong compassion and commitment that each student showcased. Whether it was in the garden or the playground re-construction, everyone seemed to fall in love with the intent of bettering the community and the many children that attend Nutre Hogar.

We came back to the hotel, and after the long day we had, we had some transition time before our English tutoring prep session. The English tutoring session was outstanding as usual and we taught with the thought of benefitting the lives of the kids and young adults in Panama. We returned to the hotel to have dinner, and we continued on with our program seminar, in which we wrote our first draft of our “Letters of Appreciation”. We ended our night with our nightly meeting and reflected on the many ups and downs throughout our day. Overall, the hard work and dedication exemplified by our global glimpse group truly signified our potential impact on the communities and led to an exhilarating day for everyone involved. Have a good rest of your day!!!

Shoutout my mom. I love and miss you -Derek

Shoutout to my mom and dad, love you guys!! -Jaiden