Day 10 (CAP Execution Day 1): It’s Nick and Matt on the blog and today has been an adventure. Today was our CAP Day 1 project execution, which we began planning about a week ago. There are two groups, one being the “inside group” and the other being thee “outside group.” Nick and I were part of the outside group which is responsible for revamping the school’s basketball court. This includes painting multipurpose lines for different sports, building basketball backboards, and creating makeshift soccer goals. The inside group provided the school cafeteria with a food mural in English and Spanish. Some foods on there were foods such as papayas, mangoes, and corn. The other side of the mural includes the Panamanian national bird and flag facing the U.S.’s bald eagle and flag. A small portion of the indoor group was dedicated to preparing a wall for a projector screen that would show movies to locals. Netflix movie screenings are one of the ways the school can raise money.


Revamping the basketball court is important to the group because sports can help the kids socialize and exercise at the same time. By doing this, the support of the local community will skyrocket. We hope to encourage increased attendance since the school has 11 students currently enrolled. The kids at the school will learn about essentials such as teamwork, basic dimensions, and communication skills while using the multipurpose court. Painting the food murals allowed us to tap into what American culture really is. By learning about different foods, kids will be encouraged to explore different cultures. Completing these two projects in 16 hours will be a huge step forward for El Cedro School.


Today tested us a team and there were many curve balls, like Ms. Harris said. For example, our supply run to Cochez – similar to Home Depot but much smaller – took more time than expected and set us behind by half an hour. We made up for that by working really hard. That was the highlight not just of today, but of the trip. We ended up completing more than expected in our initial plans. The 6 and a half hours allowed us to execute the important details and building blocks of this project. Right now, we are currently tired and are looking ahead to tomorrow in which we hope for more.

Being Lider del Dia (Leader of the Day) on such an important day helped both of us to come out of our shell and to connect with the group. We had to share a talent with the group before we were granted the Lider del Dia title. I (Matt) performed a dance to one of my favorite songs and Nick did knuckle push-ups (49 of them!). We certainly will not forget this day and the obstacles we had to overcome. Best of luck to our next Liders del Dia!


6 days left, see everyone back at home soon!

Miss you mom! Tell dad I said not to work too hard. I’ll be home soon. Love you guys! -From Nick

Shoutout to my Mom for everything she has done when it came to this trip! See you, Dad, Ziren, and Bea soon! I love you guys -From Matt