Today, I learned what it was like to be a leader. At 9 am this morning, we arrived to Barrio Las Flores, the community where we would continue our CAP project from yesterday. I’m quite surprised that we were able to complete most of the project within the limited time we were given. The person that struck me the most as a true worker was Lolo, who worked nonstop without a drink of water or rest. Without him, we would definitely not be able to complete the project. Seeing Lolo work this hard just for the community has inspired me to make a change in mine. He has also taught me how to work diligently, and efficiently, and to not be lazy because all I do at home is wash dishes and take out the trash. Being Lider Del Dia has made me realize that it is just more than just showing compassion, courage, and commitment. You also need to show bravery, initiative, and responsibility. Life here in the Domincan Republic is much more different than life back home, one wrong step can lead you down the wrong path if you aren’t careful. Coming back home from this trip, I have grown mentally and I will take what I have learned from this trip and apply it towards wherever life takes me.