Today we continued with our CAP (Community Action Project) at the Senior Activity Center San Juan. Our group is implementing three projects: renovating the garden, painting murals along the walls, and constructing a physical therapy bike. For the mural project, we made progress with the mountain and rose murals.  We also started a new mural which included a globe, heart, and palm trees. For the garden project, we varnished the wooden planks in preparation for the pots and built a stronger foundation for the composting bins. The bike group finished the wooden stand of the bike and started painting it.  Thankfully, today the weather was a little warmer than yesterday, but we still bundled in layers.

The biggest highlight of the day was collaborating with other groups. Many people took on new roles, working together to help finish the project. While some people were out buying supplies for the gardening group, others helped out the mural group with painting. Here you see Lluvia and Drake varnishing the planks for the gardening project. The other picture shows Zandra painting a bird’s-eye view of corn and quinoa fields.   

As Líderes del Día, we realized the importance of communication and teamwork. For example, some groups were able to reach out for help from people outside their groups to get different perspectives on their projects. Without this, we would not have been able to be as productive or accomplish as much as we have so far.  We are proud of what we have done and look forward to finishing our projects tomorrow!