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Today the Glimpsers had a hectic day of finishing the Community Action Project in San Luis. Glimpsers began their day with breakfast, then got on the bus at 9 to head to San Luis. Students were welcomed by many members of the community with open arms. Along with the locals, students worked hard throughout the day, whether they were painting the center, planting trees, or building the fence. Students took a lunch break to refuel with rice with lentils, chicken, salad, and veggies. We all quickly got back to work after finishing our meals. After the final coats of paint were dry, Glimpsers worked on the mural for the center. The mural was a tree with branches on the back of the center, where the leaves of the tree are hand prints of locals and Glimpsers, uniting us all, and allowing the Glimpsers to literally leave their handprints where they made a difference. After finishing the mural, we held our thank you ceremony inside of the newly painted and beautiful community center. Students expressed their gratitude to the community members who helped with the project, and were thanked by the community for their outstanding work on the project. Students then said their sad goodbyes, and headed back to Monte de Oracion, and worked on their Letters of Appreciation for donors until dinner.

Being able to help the community of San Luis opened many of the Glimpsers eyes to the problems that the people here face every day. Through their hard work, students learned to appreciate the many privileges that they have in the United States. Working with the children of the community, the quote of the day really fell into place. “A lot of little people, doing little things in little places, can change the world” Eduardo Galeano. Watching the young kids work alongside the Glimpsers, you could sense the love and appreciation in the air. San Luis is a small town, full of loving and caring people, whom we were able to help with our Community Action Project, and who we will always hold a strong bond with in our hearts.

The question of the day today was “What are some ways you can organize yourselves as a group to work best together for the coming days­?” Talking about the question in the nightly meeting, students responded that it is necessary for us all to work as one unit, and hold each other accountable for actions, and responsibilities for the rest of the trip. We are looking forward to coming home, but sad to be leaving the place we have called home for the last 17 days. We would like to thank everyone back at home who helped us all get here, and thank those on the trip with us for making this experience so incredible!

Excited to see you all in a couple days!