Today is August 3, today was the final day of the CAP (Community Action Project). One of the Glimpsers named Lauryn gave a motivational speech about how we should finish off strong and with our heads high. Also she told us to keep in mind what we came here for and to focus on the reason for working on the CAP in the first place.The group split into two different teams, the garden/mural team and playground. After about 4 hours of work both areas were about 90 percent complete. After we all had lunch, we finished about 2:30pm, and we had extra time to relax and take showers after a long and stressful 3 days of work. The women that ran Nutre Hogar thanked us all for our hard work and for coming from the states to support the community. We all are looking forward to the next couple of days being filled with relaxation and final good memories with our friends.