Throughout the day, the group and I finished our CAP Project where we painted the classrooms, painted waves on the hallways, put ours and the community’s hand prints on the wall to make a heart. We also finished outside by painting tires a light blue color with cute little yellow flowers on them. To top it off we also planted a variety of plants along the front fence and I even got to use a pickaxe to make the holes which was a lot of fun. The crazy thing about all this is that we didn’t go exactly according to plan but, the community was still happy with the work we did. This is because we let them pitch in their ideas and let them do what they wanted with the materials we had. What I think the group learned today is that not everything is going to go the way we planned it to. But that’s OK because at the end of the day we met our end goal which was doing something good for the community so they can improve their lives for generations to come.

Later that day, we had our English tutoring graduation and our classes performed in the talent show which was really cute, even for the adults. My class had done a poem where they read a sentence starting with the letters in their teachers’ names and my first name about how much they enjoyed their English classes and how grateful they are for all Global Glimpse has done for them. I was really surprised how clearly they spoke because they had to compensate since there was no microphone and they were outside. They all did a fantastic job and I’m very proud that they’re able to graduate for their skill level.

Someone that really inspired me and who taught English with me was Olbi because he is such an amazing character. Not only does he have an upbeat attitude, he is also really motivational and also a great teacher as well. This is because inside and out of the classroom he is always energetic, funny, honest, and helpful. This inspires me because he does all this and he is only a few months older than me and I think that if I maintain something like that then my life and the lives of others will be improved.

Lastly, Being Lider Del Dia seemed like an easy task at first but proved to be a challenge first thing in the morning. While I woke up earlier than usual, I was still a bit shaky getting everyone else up as well. Breakfast was also really quiet because the group had very little energy so I decided to play Mr. Blueskies to get everyone’s mood up and running. Later in the day however, the energy picked up as we were working on our CAP project. Being LDD for me was also fun and I loved trying to get people’s mood up with my “over happy camp counselor” bit and calling all the glimpsers “happy campers” even if they weren’t happy. Doing this job I learned that my positive attitude really rubs off on others and makes their experience a little more enjoyable. However this can be a disadvantage sometimes because it also leaves me energized and running around the place. What I need to do is learn to control that energy somehow and direct it towards another path where I can work more effectively.


Also hi mom (: