Today we wrapped up our projects at El Cedro. It was really exciting to see all our hard work turn into a success within the community. Everyone worked hard the whole day and we even managed to incorporate the community in the final product. At the end of the day, listening to Don Carlos (inspiring community leader) and Mrs. Olga (the school principal) express their gratitude in a heart-warming thank you was a reward for all of us. They deeply appreciated our hard work and enjoyed seeing the children of the school using the final product.


Throughout the day, we supported each other and played music to help keep us on track. (Thanks, Sonia!). It was really encouraging to see the extreme dedication to this project by all (Global Glimpsers and the kids). The work ethic was contagious, for sure. (An update on the soccer goals: Nick and Kayla did an amazing job, though their efforts yielded an inconvenient outcome. The ball fit through all the knots and they had to put the project to rest :(. At the end of the day, we all learned a valuable lesson that no matter how hard you try to make something work, you can’t be slowed down by failure. Thank you, Nick and Kayla for teaching us that).

Perhaps the greatest reward today was seeing the smiles on the children’s faces as they played on the basketball court. In fact, it was the same for the murals. Although they can’t use it, they were in awe of the change in the atmosphere of the dinning hall. In deciding to finish off the center line of the court with the handprints of Glimpsers and school children, we all felt the community coming a little closer together. What an honor it was to be united!

Being Lider del Dia today was a challenge that I (Ayla) was happy to step up to. I am proud to say that we finished strong and clean! I particularly enjoyed personally asking the group to put their “bottoms up” and drink their water on the bus, which I then spilled on myself shortly after. Lol.

For Isabel, it was a challenge for her to get out of her comfort zone, specifically when we were coming around with the other group members. Being Lider del Dia is NOT easy without an alarm clock. She also wishes to say it was nice working with me (Ayla) and that I have a big personality and how in reality I am not that quiet, but “really funny.” She also wishes to thank me for being “her voice today” because she lost her voice.

Thank you, Isabel! <3!

Gracias Ayla por todo lo que has echo por mi te lo agradezco!!!

Mami y Papi y obviamenete mis hermanos tambien los extraño mucho y solo quiero que sepan que esto fue una hermosa experiencia y ya mismo regreso con ustedes pa la casa- Su Princesa

Mom and Dad: I will probably call you tomorrow, and I want you guys to know that I am really enjoying my time here and I will be home soon. Spread the message to the rest of the family.