Hola! Today was our last day for our Community Action Project. We started our day by waking up at 6 am sharp. For breakfast, we had gallo pinto, tortilla, queso and a mix of ham and eggs. Afterwards, we went to the wood shop to get some supplies for the project. Then, we drove to the school to get started! As we got started, we had a busy day ahead of us. During the day we touched up the paint on the walls, built shelves for our education corners, scrubbed the floors to get the paint off and finished up the mural. For lunch we had chicken, rice, salad, noodle salad and fried plantain. Yum! We finished around 3:30 pm, and the director of the school expressed her gratitude of the work we had done and how happy she was we were able to make such a difference in her students’ lives. We said our goodbyes to the community and hopped on the bus to get back to the hostel! When we got back we wrote our letters of appreciation to the donors who have supported the Global Glimpse Program. Many of us would not have been able to be a part of this program if it wasn’t for their generosity. After we were done with the letters we had dinner which consisted of yucca, pork and cole slaw. At 5:50 pm we walked over to our final English tutoring class and had a talent show, showing off what the students learned. We came back to the hostel and celebrated Silvan’s “birthday”! There was glitter and shaving cream everywhere! To end the day, we had our very last nightly meeting; many tears were shed realizing that this amazing experience has come to an end. Tomorrow we will be heading at the airport at 4:00 pm. See you soon!!