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We started our day off waking up at 6:55am to wake everyone up. Then we walked to Roma Santa for breakfast and Diana’s birthday!   We started the day with two surprises for Diana!!!  Isabelle made a beautiful breakfast of strawberries, bananas, pineapple juice, a special Ecuadorian breakfast dish and pancakes. Then at 9:00am we walked over to Martiniano Guerrero school to finish the CAP project. It took us about 3 hours to finish and at 12:00pm the school thanked us for our hard work and dedication by providing a special celebration for the CAP and had a special surprise for Diana’s birthday!  They gave us diplomas for recognition of our hard work and a special Ecuadorian pin to take home.  Then we walked to lunch at Roma Santa and had beef, sausage, potatoes, avocado salad and another delicious Ecuadorian fruit juice. After we finished eating we came back to the hotel and had some rest and some free time for ourselves to shop, relax and bond!

Birthday girl Diana got a sparkler AND a candle to start off her special day!

Ramon, Natalie and Valeria finish up one of the murals.

One of the students gets her hands painted so she can put her “print” on the tree mural!

One of our amazing murals!

After we finished the CAP, the staff treated us to snacks!!

Big Love Group Hug!

After we finished the CAP, the staff treated us to snacks!!


The school treated birthday girl Diana to ANOTHER cake! It was yummy!

Here is one of the certificates we got from the school for our CAP project!

As a thank you from the school, we all received one of these amazing pins!

One of our amazing murals!

Glimpsers in front of one of our murals! So special! What an amazing feeling!


Today was such an emotion filled day. From stressing over trying to finish the murals to saying goodbye to our new family, the day was truly one to remember. Finishing the murals, and having done them entirely on our own, is a feeling that cannot be topped. Seeing the appreciation in the faces of the school officials only made it that much better, and knowing that many students like us will be able to enjoy looking at the murals just as much as we enjoyed painting them brings a whole new perspective. The people here have formed such unique bonds that could not be found anywhere else. Every breakfast, lunch, and dinner is filled with an energy that can brighten anyones day. The nights here are even that much more memorable, filled with laughs, stories, and of course many many tears. From the first bus ride into Riobamba, to our last,  we could not  wish for a better group of people to spend it with. Although saying goodbye will be the hardest part of this trip, we know that we will be seeing each other very soon. To the groups that come after us, appreciate every second, learn to embrace the uncomfortable moments, be vulnerable and allow yourself to be fully immersed in a new culture, it will only bring you amazing memories with amazing people.


Diana getting her THIRD Birthday cake of the day!! Happy 17th Diana!


Nelson and the boys – they have formed a special bond that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Ramon getting a group hug! Ramon is the only Glimpsers not from the Bay Area (he’s from Philly!)

Nelson, Andrea, Isabelle and Paul. They have made Riobamba feel like our second home.

A little Glimpser Karaoke to end a perfect night in Riobamba!



Leaders of the Day – Natalie and Karla