imageToday started off a bit rocky waking everyone up after a long day yesterday, but we still kept to our schedule. We first headed to Onaney’s for desayuno (breakfast) before getting down to business. For two hours we planned and prepared to present to Saboneta our idea for the CAP project. After getting down the little details in our groups, we headed to Saboneta and held a meeting with the community to decide if they would accept our proposal for the logo. Our audience was very engaged and interested in our idea for the cap project we presented today.

The head of a non- profit organization that we are working with, gave our delegation a few issues. Her issues had stemmed from prior organizations coming into Sabaneta promising the world and leaving. Though we had a little misunderstanding, we quickly set things positively straight and we are ready to put our plan into action.

Heading back to San Juan de la Manguana, we prepared for our English class we had in the next hour. Quickly breezing through arranging our lesson plan, we headed to English class to teach English to the locals in San Juan. After a long two hours of teaching our students we went to Onaney’s for dinner (Cena). We had some cheesy alfredo with toasted garlic bread and water.  After dinner we went back to the hotel to have our nightly meeting and discussed our day. Big love tonight was big! We have bigger and bigger love each day- more big love tomorrow- Hasta Manana!!!!!