Today was our Community Action Project (CAP) 3 Execution, and our last day to finish the CAP Project. On top of that pressure to finish, we were also both Lideres Del Dia. We are usually the ones who are not leaders, so this pushed us out of our comfort zone. We both worked as a team to make sure that everything was on task while taking into consideration of how others felt. Today was the hardest day of the trip, which motivated us to make everything go smoothly. It was powerful to think that we were the people in charge of everyone and we needed to make sure the project was completed. We made sure that everyone who was responsible for their assigned tasks were using their time wisely. We were inspired by how everyone was able to complete this life-changing project. To name a few: Shrey finished reprogramming all of the computers, Lilia and Tiffany and the rest of the mural crew completed an amazing mural, Michael was able to do the task that nobody was brave enough to do (cleaning up the many messes we made). Also, we were inspired by each other. We pushed each other farther out of our usual bubble to be the best leaders we could be. Not only did we push ourselves, but we uplifted each other’s attitudes. At home, we have never been in charge of this big of a project before. We did this project with a new community and new people, but we adapted to each challenge that was thrown at us. Looking back at our project, we accomplished something amazing. Years from now, the mural that we all completed together will still be standing. Our impact on their community will be with them forever and their impact on us will be a lifelong memory.