Hello all,

Today started with breakfast at Nativa as usual. We had hot chocolate, tea, fruit, and scrambled eggs. In the morning we got to go to Carlos Garbay, a School for kids with special needs that is our partner for our Community Action Project (CAP). It was an amazing opportunity to interact with students and see how their daily routines are at school. We toured the school and even had some free time to play soccer with some of the kids.

After another delicious lunch at Nativa, we came back to the hotel to brainstorm a variety of ideas for our CAP. We managed to raise an astounding 900.00 dollars for our CAP and are excited for all the possibilities with it all. After English Tutoring, back at the hostel, we expanded on our ideas for the CAP design phase and decided on exploring the possibility of completing four projects for our CAP and will keep you all posted it develops.

In the afternoon, we made our way to Miguel Angel Leon School for English Tutoring. Although we had a couple of rocky starts, much of the feedback we received was positive and everyone had a really fun time with the students. We had orange juice, lasagna, and chocolate covered bananas with sprinkles for dinner at Nativa and ended the day with our nightly meeting. After a long and tiring day, we are off to bed to get some much needed rest. Until tomorrow, much love from Ecuador for you all.

– Your LDDs, kids, GGLs, and PCs