Question of the Day: What are some ways you can organize yourselves to work best together as a group for the CAP days?

Quote of the Day: “Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things”- Byron Dorgan

Hey everyone! It’s Alena, Carly, and Lauryn! Today was the first day of our Community Action Project! We started off our day bright and early at 6:30am. We had a delicious breakfast of empanadas, bread, and fruit. We took the bus to San Juan De Lllullundongo, and were overwhelmed with support from the local community (over 40 people came to help paint). Despite facing challenges from miscommunication with the school administration, we were able to work together and complete a majority of our project on the first day.

The first hour consisted of organizing into groups and learning the painting techniques from the locals. Glimpsers divided into different classroom buildings (around 4 per building), plus the locals. We started with yellow paint on the top, and then brown paint on the bottom. We rotated using roller brushes (rodillo) and paintbrushes (brochas). Our unity led to success as we were able to paint almost all the buildings within the first two hours. When it was time for lunch, we ate our packed meals from Feroz, and this is when the fun began. One of our Glimpsers started singing, and then groups were quickly formed. We had a “pitch-perfect” moment as we replicated a riff-off. The three groups came up with categories and songs to perform and compete with each other. Some of the most memorable numbers include Baby by Justin Bieber, Party in the U.S.A by Miley Cyrus, and many High School Musical songs.

After lunch, the party continued as we had one main building to finish painting. Half of the glimpsers were on the second floor painting while performing several musical numbers. At this moment, the work did not feel like work, it felt like a group bonding. We were able to produce a great project while having a great time together. The locals were so impressed with our energy, and one even said that our scene (singing and painting) seemed as if it were “one only seen in movies”. One woman even requested that we sing “Hotel California”, and it was a great time for everyone.

After hours of hard work, it was finally time to go. All of us had paint all over our faces, but we felt so accomplished. We enjoyed free time at the hotel, most of us taking incredibly cold showers, and then heading to dinner. We had an amazing dinner of noodle soup and then headed back to the hotel for our nightly meeting. We had our regular meeting, and reminisced about our day. All of the Glimpsers exemplified the 3 C’s- courage, commitment, and compassion. It took a lot of courage to work with new people to paint the school. All of the Glimpsers and leaders were committed to the task, despite the long hours. Compassion was essential, as we all support each other day and night.

Some “Big Loves” we talked about tonight include

  1.  Los, one of our kind and hardworking leaders who we love dearly.
  2.  The locals who came eager to participate with great attitudes.
  3. The glimpser who started our singing contest
  4. All of our GG leaders and PCs for their continuous dedication and hard work
  5. To all the parents who continue to read our blogs and show your support. We love and miss you all! Thank you! <3 Tomorrow we have another full day ahead of us in Salinas. Good night and thank you for reading! -Alena, Carly, and Lauryn

Llullundongo Prep