Hello everyone,

We woke up at 7:00 today. For breakfast we had yogurt with granola and fruit. We also had tea, hot chocolate, and papaya juice. At around 8:30, we took the bus to Carlos Garbay to start our Community Action Project (CAP).

Throughout the day we were able to paint all the tires that surrounded the soccer field, clean up the garden using the weeds we pulled to stabilize the tires, and plant flowers in the tires. We were also able to repaint the playground.

The group working on the furniture managed to complete the majority of the work in constructing the cubbies, which will be used to organize the students’ materials as well as serve as a diaper changing station.

We had lunch at Carlos Garbay and took the bus back to Mashany to prepare for English Tutoring. At 3:10 we headed to the school to tutor kids until 5:30 PM. Afterwards we headed back to Mashany and had more time to prepare for tomorrow’s lessons. At 7:00 we headed to dinner and had beef stew over rice, or a caesar salad for the vegetarians. We had watermelon juice to drink and orange cake for dessert before our nightly meeting. We are excited for another day of CAP and will send another update tomorrow. Until then.

Your Líderes del Día,

Darrion, Johnny, and Rana