Dear Parents and loved ones,

Today was a great day for us. We accomplished a lot throughout the day. First we had breakfast at 8 AM. We had eggs, pancakes and fruit. After breakfast we got ready to leave to Cristo Del Rey to start our CAP (Community Action Project) day 1.

We painted a mural, which was the logo requested by the director of the baseball team Cristo de Rey. Then we painted the dugouts red and blue. Around 3, we went back to the hostel to get ready for our English tutoring classes. Today was our second to last English tutoring class and for the last hour of class, we had to create a talent for Monday’s talent show. We are all deeply saddened that this trip is coming to an end and just happy we got to be part of this amazing group. Overall, today was a great day spent with the community and we hope to have an even better day tomorrow enjoying the company of everyone (even the kids).

By Melissa Rivera & Yailyn Compres. Sending love back to our friends and family.