Today, we finally started our Community Action Project (CAP) in Loma de Yaque! We woke up at 7 in the morning and ate a yummy breakfast and some of us went on to purchase painting materials, gloves, and masks. All of us took a bus to the location and immediately got to work. The day seemed to progress very slowly, but around 10 we fully immersed ourselves in the CAP. We went from picking weeds and sweeping glass off the park ground to painting tires and digging holes to place certain structures in. Everyone was really engaged, listening to each others ideas and giving their all in order to build the most amazing park. Usually the beginning of major projects involving teens working together prove to be very difficult, but we made it look easy. Combining all our strengths and helping each other combat all our weaknesses was very efficient and made us a strong powerful force. We also loved interacting with all of the community members, speaking Spanish and forming strong connections. We used cement to fix all the benches in the park and filled patches of uneven ground with soil on the park floor. More than 40 hands were helping complete these small tasks in order to finish the final project and that made it easier to get a lot done. There were hands painting tires and brains figuring out what to do with the tires. We made a small outer fence with colorful tires to form a barrier while also creating a stepping tire game for the kids. On top of that we sanded down some of the play structures and made sure that they were ready to use for CAP day 2. After finishing those tasks, we headed back home to Onaney for dinner. We (Ishika and Neeti) went to the supermarket during dinner and got everyone sodas and popsicles to thank them for their hard work today and to motivate them for tomorrow!