Rahel and I woke up the Global G’s at 6:00 in the morning, the second time that we have woken up this early, to get ready for our Community Action Project (CAP). Because we woke up really early, Licelot prepared cereal for us ahead of time. After breakfast, we prepared our things for the day. At 8 a.m., our bus driver, Ronald, came to pick us up to take us to the community, Bejuco Aplastado.

At around 8:45, we got to the community and got our tools and separated ourselves to work on our projects, the rabbit pen and the vegetable garden. Before we got to our assigned projects, the bus was stuck in the mud as Ronald was trying to back out. So the boys help out by pushing the bus from the front and the rest of us sat inside the back of the bus to even out the weight, which worked. We then worked on the rabbit pen by clearing out the land which we are building our pen on. There was about 10 Global G’s when we first started working on the rabbit pen. We started clearing out weeds and the rocks that were stubbornly in the ground. After clearing out the rocks and taking little breaks, some of the G’s started digging holes around the perimeter of the land. The other half of the G’s worked on clearing up the area for the vegetable garden by pulling the weeds and cutting the trees. It was an exhausting job, but on the brighter side the area has such a beautiful view. I remember in the very beginning everyone believed that we were never going to get much done, even half of the land, but we did!


After 3 hours of hard and tiring labor we had lunch around noon at the community, which was delivered by our amazing cook, Licelot. She prepared us a delicious almuerzo which consisted of rice with a side of chicken and pasta salad. Once we were done, we went back to continue our work on the projects for a little bit. Some of the G’s after lunch switched roles in the project to experience what it was like. During that time the rabbit pen was cleared up and the holes were made to put the wood poles. As for the vegetable garden, some of the G’s progressed on clearing up the weeds. We cleared up most of the land for the vegetable garden.  As a leaders we were so proud of our work. Now we can’t wait to get more done tomorrow.


At 2:00pm we headed back to the La Fundacion and finally rested and prepared for our English class at 5:00pm. Also, some of us ordered ice cream for delivery (thanks to Amee, one of the ambassadors), which was really good. After English class we ate dinner and finished up the night with our usual nightly meeting. Being El Lider Del Dia takes you out of your comfort zone and lots of responsibilities, but the both of us took the courage and did the best that we could. Today Alejandra and I learned that patience is the key and that teamwork takes good communication and listening skills. Now off to bed. See you in a couple of days! 🙂