Today, we went back to Guanito to start our first day of CAP (Community Action Project). It was a 6:30am wake-up call, followed by a 7:30am departure. As LDD’s, we were able to go with our PC’s to make purchases at the hardware store and pharmacy. Then we headed to Guanito where we began cleaning up trash, rocks and weeds.


Once the community members arrived, we were able to start building the structure of the gazebo. First, we had to dig 7 holes about 2 feet deep. We used shovels, metal rods and our hands to create them. While some people were helping with the gazebo others were digging holes or painting tires for the children to jump around on. To help secure the structure of the gazebo and tires in to the ground we helped create cement out of sand and water. We also began painting the zinc roofing.



Overall, we worked hard and got a lot accomplished for the first day, some of us even played with the kids in the community. The president of the organization we are working for, Centro de Madres, was very sweet and welcoming to us. She provided us with umbrellas for shade, fruit and opened her house up for lunch. Because of our efforts today, we were able to get ahead of schedule. We are making great progress and can’t wait to see the end results.