Hi family and friends, this is Kion and Taylor,

Today we were the leaders of today’s Cap Project day 1. Today went really well in terms of starting the project. We started the day off with some breakfast and then took a bus down to Cañada de las Palmas where we started building the basketball court for the community. When we arrived at the community, the community members greeted us with open arms and we were ready to begin our work with them. While it may have seemed like a lot, when everyone comes together on a project and gives it their all, a lot of magical things could happen.

This is exactly what happened today with our fellow Glimpsers and community members as we came together to build the fence and basketball court.

We learned what it means to come together as one and create beautiful ideas amongst each other. The most surprising event to us was how much work we got done today. The group really came together and we are extremely proud of the amount of progress we accomplished today with the community and the work we will continue to improve upon tomorrow.

The person that inspired us the most today was the community. The community inspired us the most because of how helpful they were and how welcoming they were to us. Being Lider Del Dia (Leader of the Day) was extremely liberating. To be able to have your peers look up to you and rely upon you, gives you a sense of responsibility and trains you for lessons that you would come across in life. It was a great experience being Lider Del Dia, and we would love to do it again.