Quiuvole families!

Today was a great day; it was the first day of our CAP (Community Action Project) execution. We started off right away and got a lot done; everyone was proactive and working hard.

For our CAP project, we decided to paint FAE a mural to brighten up their school. It was divided into three Parts: Geography, Inspiration, and Motivation/Representation.

We started off with the Motivation/Representation part of the mural; two graduating FAE students (one male and one female) that are thinking of what profession they want to pursue. These professions range from farmer to engineer.

In the middle we painted Mt. Chimborazo with inspirational quotes like “No esperes el momento perfecto, toma el momento y hazlo perfecto” (Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect).

In the Geography part of the mural, we decided to paint the world map, with postcards that represent certain landmarks around the world. This is supposed to motivate local Llullundongo students to explore the world.

We worked so efficiently; we already have the whole background painted plus the major objects. We expected to finish the mural by the 29th, but we might be finished tomorrow.

The best part of this day was seeing the children at the school being in awe of the mural and the older ones that were so eager to help, they even asked if they could come on Saturday to help.

Que Dios me los bendiga, (May God bless you,)

Maru Marquez, Michael Dominguez, y Salvador Avelar 😀