Hey families, it’s Daijah!

Today, I was honored to be the Leader of the Day for our first Community Action Project. The Global Glimpse group decided on helping the community of Cañada de Las Palmas by providing new pipes. This was a project the community was extremely passionate about due to the lack of clean, running water. In order to do so, the Glimpsers had to walk up and down the hill with long 1-inch width twenty feet pipes. (At least I set a new record on my fitness watch!)

After working on the CAP project, we had a fun bus ride with our amazing bus driver, Bryan. The ride was full of Dua Lipa, Beyonce, and more. It seems that music is something that connects all of the Glimpsers in a way no other activity could! It was great to see everyone sing along and scream their hearts out, even if we don’t completely know all of the words.

We then finished off our day by going to tutoring, this was our second to last session, so we had to be productive and try to teach as much as we can as effectively as possible.

This was a hard day for me because it was the first birthday of my mother’s that I have missed. Shout out to her for always inspiring me to follow my dreams, and supporting me and with hard decisions I have had to make. I would not have been able to go on this trip without the support of her: I love you mom.

See you in five days!