Hi my name is Devina and I was the leader of the day today. This was honestly a role I was dreading because I do not see myself controlling a group of people, especially alone. However, it ended up being a successful day. My wake up call was quite knocks on the doors and everyone’s favorite music blasting.


We got down to breakfast on time and had mash potatoes, salami and fruits. Honestly it was not one of my favorite meals. Then we gathered our things and headed to our first day at the site to build the volleyball court for the community of Guanito. When we got there it was a struggle because we had thought that the leveling of the land was going to be done and we would be laying cement. With that being said, it is clear that it wasn’t leveled and that was an obstacle we had to face as a group. At first it was difficult because everyone had a different way of working and a lot of them were conflicting and making the task a lot harder, but thanks to Jordan, the group was able to re-strategize the way we were working and make the job a lot more efficient.



For lunch we had chicken, rice, quinoa salad, and yuca. It was soooo good, and that was a group consensus. Then we got to head back to Onaney to get ready for some adventure time. Personally, I was not feeling it and headed to my room to nap. It was a very refreshing experience after a long day of work and conflicts. And the day ended with a great dinner and a short nightly meeting.

Overall the day was very stressful with the situation but our ability to come to an agreement together as a group and end the day on a positive note made today very successful for me. Day 2 coming tomorrow!