Today was our first day of our Community Action Project (CAP). It started off rough, but we all pulled our weight and made it a productive and fun day! We were separated into three groups; guinea pig house, painting and the fence group. By splitting up into groups we were able to accomplish many things throughout the farm in one day and hopefully we’ll be able to continue with our hard work tomorrow (CAP Day 2). This was only our first day but we’re looking forward to seeing the final outcome of all our hard work and dedication.

We had to pull nails out of boards so they could be used again.

Plenty of things to paint:


Building a wall for the new guinea pig home.


Digging a hole for fence posts.


Good-bye and thank you from Mauricimo.

Carlos Garbay is a place where children with disabilities are able to get a proper education and giving them a head start in the workforce through learning vocational skills. Being able to assist them in making their community stronger is such a heart-warming feeling that we hope grows stronger throughout the duration of our time in helping them, and even after our work is done. In the beginning of the school, there were only 25 students. Now, there are over 275 students in the school! It is more than an honor to help the school grow stronger so they can continue to give kids with disabilities a chance in gaining the education that they deserve. We hope that Global Glimpse can continue helping this school become a more unified place where the community can understand their cause.

Hey Mom and Dad, miss you so much and hey Adelina, Owen, and Isaiah ~ Kam

Hi Mom and Dad and Katie – Cay