We started the day off with a delicious breakfast at Nativa, the fav. We enjoyed a delicious bowl of fruit, toast with jam and butter, scrambled eggs, and a choice of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to drink. After returning to the hotel, we quickly hopped on the bus to go to the German Abdo school to begin our CAP, community action project. We divided and conquered our tasks. Then we went back to Nativa and ate burritos and potatoes for lunch. After eating we had two and a half hours of free time to explore the beautiful city or catch up on some much needed beauty sleep. We then prepped for English tutoring, ate corned beef for dinner, and drove over to the local college to teach our students. We all taught varying levels with different lesson plans, connecting more and more with our students.

For our CAP, we worked on three separate projects, restoring the garden, varnishing the play structure, and painting a mural. The playground group sanded and varnished the whole playground, the garden group pulled out many weeds, while the mural crew hacked away to take old paint off the wall. Throughout these first three hours, we underestimated how much work it would actually take to finish all three projects in a span of 12 hours dispersed among 3 days. Despite this, we maintained a positive mindset and made solid progress on all three projects. Within the first hour of starting, it began to drizzle and gradually increased in intensity, but we powered through and enjoyed every moment of it, even playing on the play structure.

We ended our day with our third evening of English tutoring.

Being Lider Del Dia was challenging for us because we are both very soft spoken, but we were forced to step out of out comfort zones and try something new by speaking in front of the group. The beginning of the day was a little rocky as were were trying to find our voice. But as the day rolled on, we felt ourselves blossom and began to feel more confident in our own skin. We were very proud of our group’s efforts in the CAP, and therefore decided to gift them with cholas, a yummy pastry to show our appreciation.

We look forward to tomorrow, as we continue the CAP and make more progress on improving the German Abdo school and our last day of tutoring!

See y’all in three days 🙂