Hello everybody!<3

We woke up early this morning, around 6:10, and we went to breakfast at La Estancia. Then, went to the bus to meet the carpenter but he was like 2 hours late. So, instead of just sitting there we decided to do some energizers. We stepped outside of the bus and spent the time playing games like Bird on a Perch, Zip Zap Zop, volleyball, and even a little bit of soccer.

After that, we took a 30-minute bus ride to Pachamama, the nursery we were working to start working on the CAP project. The CAP project is our community action project in which we are building 8 benches and 4 tables for the toddlers so they could eat lunch or for other activities. We started to build with the carpenter’s help which was nice because he made it easy for us to put everything together and we finished today. While we were there we also enjoyed playing with the little kids and connecting with them. All that is left is to paint and put the tables and benches in the little lunchroom. Then, we came back to the hotel to shower, rest and have free time. We enjoyed a very good meal at La Estancia and to finish it off with a fun dance even Diego danced!!!