So the day got started very weird there was no wake up call and that was my fault because I had slept in late. I then got up and before breakfast started I apologzed to everyone. Because as a leader if you have made a mistake or error it should be your job to fix it and admit when you have done wrong. So after I had apologized  and everyone had eaten their breakfast we then preceded to pack all of our materials for the CAP on the bus and we were then on our way. We then arrived at Las Chavaladas and put people into their respective groups and started going to work. Some people were working on the mural and others were working on making sure the sports equipment were in good shape.We then had lunch after that first hour of work and from the looks on my peers faces they were very happy. So after we were done and ready to go the sports team were still trying to untangle the soccer nets so my decision was to take the others back to the hostal and eat. Knowing that the others were still out I wanted to wait a little bit more before getting started with our letters of appreciation seminar that evening. The seminar went really well everyone got to write for a total of forty minutes and from my eyes everyone was enjoying it. So after that we had started our nightly meeting and had a quick rundown of what had transpired and I felt  that the highlight of the day was just seeing everyone having that feeling of reassurance getting alot more done then we all had thought we would have.  So CAP Day 1 execution was a total success and everyone was working nobody was giving people bad attitudes and that was great to see.