Hello everybody! It’s Jodie Stroeve and Eric Ong and we were the Leaders Del Dia (LDD) for the second day of our Community Action Project (CAP). The group had a great time working on our project today, and everyone is determined to make a difference in the community!

We woke everyone up at 6:30 and had 30 minutes to prepare for breakfast. For breakfast, we had pancakes and syrup with bananas and papaya. To fully wake everyone up, we had an Energizer and played a game of Pterodactyl, which woke the entire hostel up with loud and irritating bird screeches.

Following our morning activities, we took a bus ride filled with karaoke and singing to Sor Maria Romero to work on our CAP Project. We all split into different groups as some Glimpsers sanded the pieces of wood while some helped measure, cut, and assembled the pieces of wood into a book shelf. After about 3 hours of hard work, we had lunch, which was chicken with rice and bread, on the bus and continued working on building our bookshelves. At the end of our time working there, we finished one bookshelf and another bookshelf that was not completely put together yet.

Once we came back to the hostel, we had free time until 6 pm. Many groups decided to go out and enjoy some delicious ice cream at Bésame, others took a trip to the supermarket to buy food, and some people even decided to stay at the hostel to catch some shut-eye. Once everyone returned, we ate an American-style meal of hotdogs along with some gallo pinto. The nightly meeting began at 7, and the next LDDs showcased some amazing talents (which included playing a ukulele behind the back and some impressive juggling). Although we had a long day and everyone is exhausted, it was amazing to spend time with the school children and build something we know will benefit the Hope Project.

P.S. Hi Mom and Poppy! Its Jodie and I just wanted to let you know that I miss you guys so much! The whole group now knows about Poppys toenails from your comment!