14 days in and I still don’t know how to use my mosquito net. Nonetheless, 4 days left and I won’t have to try to use it anymore. I started my day at 5:45am and waited to wake up the rest of the delegation (minus Birdie as it was her day off) at 6am. On a usual morning, most of the glimpsers are up before the wake up call, but to my surprise, everyone was still in their rooms under their mosquito nets, asleep (except Victor). At 7am, after a million headcounts, we all headed to breakfast and ate nacatamales with bread and grama juice.

Straight after breakfast, we picked up our handy dandy handy man, David, and then to Escuela Bertha Gutiérrez and finished planting flowers. While Dylan, Crystal, and a couple others where cutting wood at a nearby house-we had to borrow their electricity- the rest of us played a quick game of ninja (our bus driver, Mannuel, slept on the roof of the bus). As the wood was being cut across the street, Min and Victor would bring it over to the school so that we could start sanding it. According to Faven, it was snowing…. snowing wood. Many of us were surprised when the glimpsers across the street, along with David,  brought over a freshly built soccer goal post-half of one of our goals for the CAP. We got separated into 4 groups of 5 and cow squads passed us by as we learned the basic infrastructure of a bench.  4 benches later, we had a quick lunch break which consisted of arroz chiño, bread, and jamaica juice. After that, we began building benches again until we reached our final goal of 12 benches-reinforced and all in order to ensure safety for the children-anything for the children. It rained a bit, but we managed to quickly store our benches in a shed so that they are ready for us to paint mañana. Big love to all of the groups-including my own- that did not gets frustrated because building benches is hard, but hey, although we aren’t construction workers, we did great. Our natural Nicaraguan wood, hand-made benches will be available for purchase at Ikea… kidding… but seriously they are the

By this time, David and his helpers had finished another soccer goal post (which sadly fell apart later, but no worries, it was fixed) and we left our extra wood at a nearby house, with permission, of course. When we returned to the hostel, we enjoyed 2 and a half hours of free time before our delicious dinner of spaghetti & meatballs, bread, and Jamaica juice. The laundry man was summoned once again, so we all gathered our clothes as we enjoyed our 15 Córdoba ice cream (big love to Andy for the idea of ice-cream). At our nightly meeting, we reviewed the day and I passed on the torch to Emely, after she told us a quick story. Every one is enjoying their free time until lights out at 10pm. Good night and sweet dreams to every one back home. We love and miss you all. Good luck to Emely and await her blog post tomorrow night.