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Hi everyone, Eva and Julie here. I’m a student at Davis Senior High in Davis California, I got the chance to collaborate with Julie and lead everyone through our hard working project (Eva). Unlike Eva and most of the global glimpsers here, I’m from Philadelphia and attend Kipp:Dubois Collegiate Academy. We are two strong leaders who came together to successfully complete the second phase of our CAP project.

Our day started bright and early at 6:30 AM, due to the fact that it was a very important day; the very last day to achieve all that we set out to do regarding our project. Because the first day of our project was unorganized, we got to work instantly the second we arrived in Jeringa. We feel as though we achieved a lot more today just simply because everyone knew what had to be done and the hard work that was required to do so. Also, a lot of the technical things that needed to be done like the plumbing for the bathrooms and electricity is all thanks to the very amazing community members.(Henry) They were so cooperative and supportive throughout the entire process, which we couldn’t be any more grateful for. Multiple community members stepped up by cleaning and painting.

Another reason as to why we were so successful today, is due to the help from “Sur Futuro”. Because of them, the work within the center was completed faster than we originally expected. Eighteen hands simply weren’t enough, so the more the better. Sur Futuro allowed us to really speed up the process and finish our project in two days. Just today we were able to outline, paint and finish two murals, one inside and one outside. The outside mural was done by our own and very talented Michael, Jensen, Yanely, Skyler, Vicky, Sandy, Kitty, Eva and Kelvin. The weather was humid and the sun was right on us where we were working. It was difficult at times, the sweat is proof of that but we were determined and motivated to see it through. As for the inside mural, Isa, Sabrina, Suhayla, Citali, Julie, Weimin, Linda, and Genesis Both beautifully done, they really light up the center and area around it. We were really proud to see how much we got done and to see the finished product. Accion Poetica also contributed to a separate mural that depicted the meaning of family.

After the main priorities were finished, Seana thought of a last minute art piece comprising of the hand prints of the community, creating a tree. Overall, everyone had something to contribute to the completion of this project and we created a beautiful daycare center that the community will hopefully use in the long run.

We ended a long days hard work with shopping at La Sirena. We were pressed for time and were kinda running around trying to get everything we wanted to buy for ourselves and our families. To sum it all up, we are all very proud of everything we did today and deserve a long nights rest. Until next time.