Hello family and friends, this is Marisol Vasquez and Lyana Lieu! We are today’s leaders of the day for Cap Day 2. First off, we made sure to wake everyone up at 7am and get them ready to walk to Imabite for breakfast. Today’s breakfast consisted of yogurt and oats, pancakes, and fruit. Once we finished our delicious meal, we headed back to the hostel and play knee tag. After, we all got ready for the trip to Barriletes.We both made sure that everyone was bringing along their sunscreen and water bottles for today’s long day.

When we arrived at Barriletes, the little kids welcomed us with many warm hugs. Some of us took several photos so we wouldn’t forget this memorable moment. After all the photos we captured, we all split into our groups and got right to work. The painting, translating and construction team showed true commitment and compassion by working hard. Two hours later we got to eat lunch and enjoyed the food while watching the pouring rain outside.

IMG_2108 IMG_2112OIMG_2125nce our stomachs were filled, we had an hour of prep time for English tutoring. For those who finished early, they took a nap in the bus so that later they can get straight back to work.

A Global Glimpse professional photographer came to take photos of all the action that  was happening. It was hilarious because we were told to act “natural” for the photos, but many of us made dramatic poses and silly faces. Watching everyone work together waIMG_2128s amazing because made a lot of progress. We all got sweaty, dirty and paint all over us, but it was definitely worth it . After that, we took the bus back to the hostel and got ready for dinner at Imabite and English tutoring. For dinner we were served sandwiches and French fries with a side of ketchup. We all walked to English tutoring and got into our classrooms with our students.

As usual, class went smoothly and we all learned new things. When class ended, we cleaned up after ourselves and gathered our materials to go back to the hostel. Right when we came back, we started our daily nightly meeting and shared our thoughts of today. Once that was settled, we passed the torch to the new leader of the day, which is Claudia Bernaga. Now we reflect on these days that have flew by so quickly, but we will make sure to make the best out of our last remaining days together. GOOD NIGHT!! (-: <3IMG_2127

IMG_2114 IMG_2121 IMG_2122 IMG_2123 IMG_2124 IMG_2126