P1140758Hello there fellow readers,

Teresa here, writing my second and final blog. Today I had the privilege of being ELDD with my wonderful partner Stacy. Our day started with a 6am wake up to commence our second CAP Day. At 7am we headed to Buffet Esteli where we had our favorite plate of gallo pinto, eggs, and a tortilla. After our morning meal we headed to board the buses in which we took a ride to pick up more CAP supplies that were needed for today’s work. As we arrived to the community of Robledal we prepared our materials to take on the job of becoming the 19 dwarfs while singing along to some of our favorite and appropriate songs(thank you Fran).We all managed to get our hands dirty and even had the community join in and help us learn more about fencing and other things we weren’t too informed about. As for myself I managed to add some more color to my clothing (sorry mom) and used my kindergarten fingerprinting skills to the test as I helped Sara fill in the small parts of the mural. By the way shoutout to Sara’s amazing designs and artistic talent. Mr. & Ms. Cooper you have a young Picasso in your family.

P1140718Soon as it became lunch time, half of the Glimpsers had lunch and half worked and then we switched off. When all the supplies for tomorrow were stored we got back on the busses and  took our usual bumpy ride to the hostal. As we arrived at the hostal we dived into buying final supplies for the CAP project and some worked on the their last English tutoring prep 🙁 . From the remaining time we headed to Vida Joven where we all successfully taught our final class. As time diminished we prepared for our goodbyes with warm hugs, laughs, gifts, and graditudes. Then we walked down to dinner where we were served chicken, rice, veggies, and banana chips. After dinner we went to the hostal and had our nightly meeting where we shared our thorns and roses of the day. Although one of our main thorns was the bus ride, the blooming rose seemed to be working efficiently as a team. Thank you for reading and be ready to hear from our next two bloggers Sam R. and Rafay on our final master piece of the CAP project.

P.S. Mia Familia I miss you all so much ! Can’t wait till Friday ! Make sure to bring me ice cream and hugs (: