Hey everyone! It’s Jocelin and Melanie, los lideres del dia. After waking up at 7 this morning, some were woken up quite abruptly as our wakeup calls were much more aggressive than we had thought. Being 100% sure that everyone was up we got ready and went over to fundacion Cristal to continue our community action project. Much more progress was made today as tire tunnels were finished, benches were built, land was cleared and playgrounds were painted. The glimpsers worked hard all morning until a well deserved lunch. Lunch was ended with a loud and confusing game of Dragon Tail that almost resembles a partner version of tag. Again the glimpsers worked almost nonstop in the sun throughout the afternoon. Sadly, we later found out that many had become sunburnt on the backs of their shoulders, on their faces and the backs of their necks. Gladly, the sunburns hadn’t downed the spirits of anyone as everyone from the delegation went out as one big group during free time to the panaderia for some delicious bread. With happy taste buds and a couple more souvenirs bought, glimpsers headed back to the hostel for some great spaghetti and bread. Right after dinner we started our nightly meeting where there was a lot of love to go around in all the big love shout outs. The torch was also handed off to the next leaders of the day, Victor and Aileen. As the night comes to a close, we continue to share stories, laughs and face masks!


Pictures will come tomorrow because we won’t be able to get them until then. Sorry for the wait!