Welcome to Cap Day 2!!

Today, we improved a lot on painting the classrooms for our community project. Like the blog said yesterday, we all worked very well together and accomplished a lot in 5 hours. We started off the morning a bit rough, since we were all distracted and tired, but we worked hard and ended the day with smiles.

Taking a break after our hard work in the morning, while we were eating lunch, the boys were being exclusive in a classroom before they bombarded us with water balloons. They began a full on water fight with boys vs girls. Since, the girls were taken off guard, all they had to defend themselves were their water bottles. It was a good day to take a break from painting and the hot day.

As always, the food is very delicious especially today it made us think of home. We ate chicken, chips and salad which made us want more and enticed us to steal each others food. As we continued working we turned up the jams and had a dance party in our individual rooms. It was a fun bonding experience painting and dancing.

We’re excited to finish up our work and present it to the director of the school and have her see our hard work. Stay tuned for our pictures and favorite moments!!

Sincerely yours,

ELDD of the day