¿Que lo que? Coming to you live from the Dominican Republic!!! It’s your cohosts Kareem Hibbert and Bryan Hom. We were los lideres del dia for day 16 which was our Community Action Project day 2. The past 2 days were very impactful and gave our whole group a lot of insight into working together as a community and as a whole organization. It was a very tiring, yet emotional day. We glimpsers started off the day of course at the usual time of 7 Am. Kareem and I both had to wake the whole delegation and that was fun. We started off the day making sure that every glimpser knew the question of the day. At 8 AM we had the most important meal of the day which was breakfast AKA desayuno, for our Spanish speakers out there. We enjoyed a hearty meal which included the very tasty mashed plantains also called mangu, fried cheese also known as queso frito, fruits and an amazing juice to wash it all down. After breakfast, we all got dressed in our work clothes and headed off to Las Cuevas del Pomier to finish our Community Action Project. At around 10 Am we arrived and eagerly got to work on our respective committee projects—Kareem’s project being the social media committee and Bryan’s being part of the book shelf committee. We worked diligently for 3 hours and finally finished it all. We got to eat a wonderful lunch at 1 PM, courtesy of CONAMUCA which included chicken, beans and rice, and veggies. After lunch, we explained each of our group’s achievements and wishes for our projects. We also got to give some big love to our fellow glimpsers, gg leaders, and the community of Las Cuevas. My co-commander Bryan and I presented a gift to the Corcoran, the founder of the community center, in español of course. After that heartwarming conclusion to our Community Action Project, we headed onto the bus and towards the school where we would teach our last class. With our last bit of strength, we made class extremely fun and ended the class by saying our goodbyes with our students and taking a couple of pictures. We then headed back onto the bus and back to our “home” CONAMICA to have dinner. We all were extremely famished and ate a great meal which included fried yuca, fried sweet potato, salad, and an fantastic starfruit juice. We then got a little bit of free time but soon had to head to the conference room to conclude our day as lideres del dia. Following the same routine, we summarized the day and expressed our roses and thorns for the day. We then answered the question of the day and moved on to our pluses and wishes. We ended the nightly meeting with some very big big big big love.

Bryan: Shout out to the boys and the girls for making this whole trip amazing and fun. We have to meet up at In-N-Out some time. (Sorry Kareem and Nakita) I would like to also say thanks to my mom and my dad for supporting me throughout this trip. I want to let you know that I love you guys and that I will come back and make you proud as your son. Oh and shout out to Jessica and Lesley for being my amazing sisters. I’d like to shout out my good friends Allison and Steven for telling me to check out this organization. I’d also like to shout out my co-captain Kareem for being a great friend during this trip and bringing a lot of fun to our group of boys. I also would like to say I love you to all my friends and especially my family.

Kareem: Shout out to the boys for making not only making the days in the Dominican Republic special, but the nights as well. I’d like to shout out Briana for being the mother of the group, always telling me what to do and giving me advice. Shout out Isabella for getting to know me really well, really fast and also for being there when I needed you. Im going to miss you guys so much. I’d also like to thank my co-pilot Bryan for being such an amazing friend and an amazing co lider del dia through a long tiring day. Shout out Kenny and Anthony, I miss you guys a lot and I’ll be home soon. Lastly, I’d like to shout out my family; I miss and love you guys very much.