What’s up from one of the last couple LDD leaders in Estelí 2, Liz and Sidney! 

Today, we are proud to say that we successfully completed day two of our CAP project. It was a stressful, hard, and tiring day, but we did it! Our day started at 6am. We woke up, got ready for a long hard working day, and by 7am, we were once again in Buffet Estelí eating our delicious breakfast. After breakfast, we all boarded the bus and headed out to La Montañita to start working on our CAP project. From about 8:30am to 3pm, we were all split into three teams: classroom, garden and playground. The classroom team worked on building and painting bookshelves for the classrooms and cleaning the classroom blinds. The playground team completely cleaned up the whole school yard and created more space for the kids to play.

The garden team pulled out a bunch of cactuses (ouch!), made beds for plants, built a new entrance, planted seeds, and painted garden signs! We all worked really hard and efficiently. At 12pm, we had lunch which was Spanish rice and bread. After lunch, we played some games with the kids that were there, worked some more on our projects, and then left the school around 3. After coming back from La Montañita, we all took nice cold showers (the usual), and some of us even took a short nap before dinner. At 5pm, we all walked down to dinner and enjoyed a delicious meal of rice, chicken, vegetables, beans and fried plantains. Our tutoring session followed as usual. Even though there were not a lot of people at tutoring, we still managed to have fun and teach the students some ingles. When tutoring was over, we returned back to Hostel Tomabu to start our nightly meeting. We reflected upon our hard but impactful day and then we passed on the torch to the next LDD leaders, Sammy and Cindy, who performed their made up dance to us. We are all tired and super excited for the next coming days! Time is ticking, and we will see all of you soon, in fact this SATURDAY/SUNDAY (that’s crazy).

Much love from Liz and Sidney! Adios!

P.S. You may wonder why the times are always noted in each blog. We have such a tight schedule every day that we need to be exact so that we are always on time for our bus, speaker, meal, etc. Shout out to Tania and Erik for working so hard on our itineraries and to all of our GG leaders for keeping on track and on task.