Hi my name is Chloe Ortega- the sole Chicago glimpser on the second San Juan de la Maguana trip. Through the Schuler Scholar Foundation, a college-access program, and Global Glimpse, I was able to cross oceans, communities and my own comfort zone. During my leader of the day experience, I took more leaps than steps out of my comfort zone, especially since it was the second day of our Community Action Project (CAP). Following a hectic first day that ensued both confusion and frustration, I thought it would be best to organize groups with specialized tasks: inspired of course by Henry Ford’s assembly line. On site, groups were pick-axing or planting trees or painting with the community kids. I envisioned only a few of the fruit trees being planted or half the area being cleared of rocks in the span of five hours- we finished both tasks, in full, in the span of an hour. So as the leader of the day, the next four hours consisted of my peers enthusiastically asking what they could do next. Although it was difficult to consistently supervise twenty-one seventeen-year-olds, I appreciated everyone’s cooperation and use of sunscreen. I learned that being a leader requires a strong plan and direction because at the end of the day, it gets the most done in an efficient and effective manner.