Hello blog readers! 🐌 This is Rachel and Sharmane, the Lider del Dias of today.

This morning 🌞, Ronni (our laundry man) came back with our last batch of laundry. He was very happy that we were in Nicaragua and we all took a picture with him!

Today, we continued our community action project (⚾️CAP) . We finished constructing all the furniture and we completed most of the painting. Both of us along with the rest of the group got covered in paint, but nonetheless, it was satisfying to be a part of this project that is very passionate about giving back to a welcoming community.

We finally got tahatas (fried plantains🍌- our favorite Nicaraguan snack) today for lunch after a full week (thanks Sharmane and Iris for the daily journals). Don Carlos👨🏽‍💼 is our man with the fried plantains.

While coming home from English tutoring, we had a little friend follow us around. A guard dog we called OB Shiba (off brand shiba) because of Sharmane. Lol. 🐶

As we are coming close to the end of this project, we are beginning to realize how close the day of coming home is. While we are excited about going back home in 4 days, we also have mixed feelings about leaving this city that we called home for the past week and a half.

HI JAMES 💕☄️ and family 🙂 I’m alive and not lost! Love you guys don’t forget about me just yet. 🌚 I’m brown now🙈. THERE IS A LOT OF CHICKENS HERE. 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓 Also I realized I really don’t like beans.👅  I miss you guys mucho!!! And biggo love. Okay bye 👣✌🏻

Hi family and friends ❤️ I’m alive and well- even though there’s no boba here in Granada. Fun fact: there’s a boba shop in Managua; unfortunately, it’s far from the airport in Managua 😢 Also, Happy Birthday Mom! I bought your coffee beans, so yup. Hopefully, Dad got you good food. Hey Jihmihn! I’m still yoobuchowap as always. Miss you all and see you soon! (With boba). 💕

Tania, a student from the school, admiring our hard work!