Today we continued and finished working on the project with the women’s association. We painted the outside of the building, finished building the benches and painted the bookshelves. Once we completed all the work that had to be done, we setup the inside of the building with what we created. We made it look presentable in preparation of our closing celebration. The community and our group gathered outside for the ribbon cutting ceremony where the head of the association gave her gratitude then proceeded to cut the ribbon. We presented her with the keys to their improved building, representing their original goal to find a stable location for their organization. We continued the celebration by sharing cake, gratitude, and a few gifts to show our appreciation for the association and community. At the end of the day as a group we felt accomplished, hoping that our effort will make a long lasting impact on the community.

Later in the day, we had our final walk to El Liceo for our last English tutoring session. instead of teaching another English lesson, we decided to have a celebration with our individual classes. We had a talent show, giving the students the opportunity to share something unique about themselves. Throughout the celebration students brought food, drinks and music. additionally, we played games with our students in English so that even while celebrating they could benefit from them. at the end the end of the celebration, we gave thanks to our students for giving us the opportunity to get to know and teach them. they also showed their appreciation by giving speeches on how we had an impact on them and thanked us for our time together. All in all it was a bitter sweet moment.\