Today was CAP Day 2. The Glimpsers got a lot accomplished in the past 2 days. When we first arrived to the accommodations, the ruined mural of the Fundacion Un Nuevo Futuro was the first thing we were introduced to. It was a mural with inappropriate graffiti that saddened all of us. Taking a look at the mural now, our sight is in awe with a beautiful design created by Jennifer and Brandon. The design includes big, green leaves, beautiful, tropical flowers, a vibrant sun shining, a clear blue sky, and a family holding hands representing unity. The family includes Israel and Margherita’s journey in starting an orphanage in Bonao, DR and starting a new home. Completing the majority of the mural within two days demonstrates the dedication and passion we have towards this project. With determination and a positive attitude, we can get more work done more conveniently and efficiently. Being leaders of the day gave us the opportunity to encourage and spread a positive attitude to our fellow Glimpsers. It was required a lot of responsibility since we had to make sure that our peers were hydrated throughout the day. We received many compliments from the community and neighbors. They were full of content from being able to see the progress from beginning to the end of the project. Israel, the founder of la fundacion, could not stop smiling as he saw the product of our hard work.

Shiara: Having the responsibility of inspiring and encouraging people to be motivated for our project opened my eyes even wider to what this project really represents. This project is all about unity, whether it be in the community, our friends, or our family. We worked on this project in unity which is something that we also wanted to reflect through the mural.

Janeth: Today I learned that I am capable of being a leader. I realized that it takes a lot of responsibility. You are not only a role model but also ensuring the groups safety. As leader of the day I’m proud to say that we led our fellow glimpsers in the right direction ending with a beautiful mural.

Sonia: Being leader of the day showed me that results are made up of the effort you put in. With the Glimpsers working hard and having the right mentality, we got the result we wanted and are so proud of each together. Being a leader is not about telling people what to do or giving orders. It´s about working just as hard, but mainly leading them on the right path and pushing them to do their best.


PS: Happy Father´s Day!!! To Ofranis, Paresh, German, and the rest of our supporting fathers.