Quote of the Day: “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs
Question of the Day: What do you see as the biggest challenge and biggest reward of this project?
Yellow. Happiness. Light. Development. Positivity.Brown. Earth. Soil. Growth. Education.These were the colors of the completed school of Llullundongo. After two days of painting, our delegation finally completed our community action project. Today, we touched up the colors of the buildings and renewed the murals, with the help of the community. The day consisted of painting, singing, and free time in the city! Communication between the community and us was one of the biggest challenges that we faced. With the language barrier, organizing the materials was quite difficult. Many people want to lend a helping hand, however, supplies were limited.This project helped teach us the importance of the three C’s: Compassion, Commitment, and Courage. With compassion, we repainted the school with all of our love. We poured our heart and soul into the school in order for the community to be proud of. Not only did we show compassion that way, but our delegation is also very supportive of each other. When there were limited materials, we each took turns so that everyone can have a break in order to recuperate. We would make sure everyone had sunscreen on and their water bottles filled. We also fed each other some chips! There were people going around feeding painters by putting the chips into their mouths like feeding ducks. Haha! Staying committed to this project was obviously something that we had in mind since the very beginning of the trip. We knew that we wanted to have an impact, and in order for an impact to happen, we need to have passion and commitment for this project. We had both a vision and action which helped us renew the school of Llullundongo. Through the two days of work, not once did anyone feel the need to give up. We were determined to finish this project strong. Courage was something difficult due to the language barrier. There were so many community members that were eager to lend a helping hand, however, we did not know how to communicate our thoughts and ideas, which ultimately led to some difficulty in the completion of our project. Nonetheless, we overcame that challenge by opening up to the community members and trying our best to break that language barrier. With the help of Spanish translators and vocabulary, we were able to communicate. With this, we learned the importance of communication, which should be another C! All of these C’s go hand in hand when completing our project. Seeing the completion of our school was the biggest reward ever. That was our project. And we just did that. Words can’t explain the feeling of awe that we had when we saw our outcome. Everything that we went through for this project was all worth it. We saw how our plans came to life when we used a plan called the three D’s: Discovery, Design, and Delivery. It is amazing to see how all our ideas came to life and benefited the community. We thought that it was crazy at first to try and paint the school in only three days, however, we did that in less than two days. We might have been crazy, as mentioned in the quote, but that did not stop us from succeeding. With our determined minds, we changed the appearance of the whole school. The school can be seen with its bright colors from far away in the cities. This taught our group a lesson, which we will take home to our families. We need to have a vision with action which can change the world. We need to have strong communication in order to express our ideas that could potentially be beneficial. We all have such big hearts and brilliant minds, and it is great to see it being used. The love of this group made the project so worth it. Of course, a painting day cannot be done without a little singing in the building! As usual, our delegation suddenly became an acapella group or the next Pitch Perfect movie. Singing is definitely one of our talents. You can name any song, and our group can sing it. We painted while singing our hearts out. Who needs a phone or iPod when you have a whole choir?We were able to finish early with painting and have free time in the city! Everyone split up into groups to walk around the beautiful city and buy souvenirs, food, and whatever they desired. For example, Ashwin bought a tube to make a low octave sound. This was one of the last moments that we would be able to spend in the city, so we spent it with the new friendships that we made over this trip. Overall, the day taught us many life lessons that we can take with us in the future. The day ended with a game of Mafia and free time together with the whole group. The second to last normal day together well spent!
Big Love to:
– Our entire delegation for making leader of the day for us a fun experience and for being flexible with us!
– Our families: We will see you so soon! Thank you for all of the love and support so far. It has been a wild ride, and we are thankful that you are here with us from your homes. We love and miss you!
– Stephanie & Camilo: Thank you for being amazing Program Coordinators! You are like our second family in a new home. You have been the best to us, and you guys are so patient with us. Thank you for the impact you have made on our lives.
– Global Glimpse Leaders: Thank you for taking care of us and being there for us. You are like our aunt and uncle, Brendan and Brittney! Carlos, we hope that you are doing well. We hope that you had a safe flight and we wish the best of luck to you.
– Our friends at home: Hello friends! How are you all doing! Hope you didn’t miss us too much! We are coming home soon! We can’t wait to share all of our stories with you!