Hello everyone,

After breakfast we headed to Carlos Garbay to continue our second day of our Community Action Project (CAP). We split into groups to work on the three different projects we committed to. Our biggest group worked on building the cubbies and shelves sanding wood, hammering nails, and assisting with constructing the furniture. We were halfway finished with the first changing table at the beginning of the day and almost managed to finish it by the end of the day. We added cubbies and shelves to the changing table. Screwing in the screws was the most difficult process because it was awkward to work on with the table mostly assembled, and we’re excited to complete the projects tomorrow.

We had another group painting the soccer and basketball fields alongside one of the teachers from the school – this was a really messy job!!! The remaining Glimpsers made sensory boards for the students to help them communicate their needs. After a quick lunch of sandwiches, we finished working around 2 PM and returned to the hostel to prepare for our second to last day of English tutoring.

For tutoring we decided to mostly have fun. We teach a wide range of students from ages 6 to 16. We played capture the flag with the kids, by far their favorite game, teaching them phrases like “fake left” to help them learn while we played. We also went over tenses with the students and we plan on playing more games tomorrow to celebrate our last day with the students. As the first delegation of teachers we hope the next delegation of Glimpsers will have as much fun with the students as we did. It is going to be heartbreaking to leave them tomorrow.

Your Líderes del Día,

Steven, Steph, and Nancy