Today we woke up at 6 in the morning and had breakfast at 7. For breakfast we had mangu, eggs, and ham. At 8 we left the hostel to go to Barrios de las Flores and got there at 8:15 to begin our day 2 of CAP project. We started off having to rake the dirt and pick up rocks because of the rain from the previous day. After that we started to put in rocks and shape the canal and walkway. Once that was finished we started to make the cement. The glimpsers and community got into a line to pass down the cement and cement blocks to begin the actual making of the canals and walkway. At 12 we ate lunch with the community. We had rice, beans, meat, and veggies. We went back to our CAP delivery at 1. It started to rain around 2. We kept working through the rain and thunder going back and forth picking up sand and rocks to put into piles. Sadly, due to the rain we had to go back to the hostel around 3, which was 2 hours earlier then we were supposed to. We had free time once we got back until 5. At 5 we had to write our second draft of our letters. We had free time after that until dinner which was at 7. For dinner we had tacos. We had our nightly meeting at 8.

 Today we learned that the community, Barrio de las Flores, was a very helpful community. They taught us that when you see someone in need of help you should give them a helping hand. Most of the community came out to help and if they weren’t helping they were there for support. We had help from even little kids which was really great to see. Most kids would normally just want to stay at home on their phones, but these kids here wanted to help as much as they could which hit our hearts a lot. What surprised us the most was seeing how much fun all of these people had while working because they just made the best of it. Also what surprised us was that the women in the Dominican Republic don’t do work outside, so when they saw the females working they told them it wasn’t a job for a female, but a job for men. They were really encouraging us as we were working.

We’re most proud of all of the effort that was put into day 2 of our CAP delivery! We got a lot of the project done today and it was a great feeling. Everyone had fun while doing it. We had to do things we have never done before back at home. We had to make cement, carry the blocks of cement, breaking rocks and cement and carrying buckets of cement, sand, and rocks. All of us put in the same amount of effort which was good to see especially how good we worked with the whole community. Being LDD today wasn’t something that we were looking forward to, but we did a great job at it. We were very assertive and loud today which helped keep everyone’s energy up. Today we both learned that we can take charge of any situation and greatly influence and impact big groups of people so that they listen to us. Even though we had a long day and we’re both exhausted we still kept the energy up. We’re both sad, but excited to go back home on Thursday! We love and miss all of you back at home ( MOMS )!!!!