Today was the second and last day of our CAP project at the institution of Carlos Garbay.

We started this wonderfully exciting day with one of Mama Isabella’s delicious meals. This one consisted of chocolate milk, almond milk, home made fluffy bead, cut up fruit, and little potatoes. We made and extra effort to eat up and gain strength for the full day ahead.

Afterward we transported to Carlos Garbay and were hard at work for nearly 5 and a half hours (we worked a little more than we expected). In the end, this paid off beautifully as we were able to finish painting the interior of a bodega, the surrounding immediate walls of the farm, a pathway of snowy white rocks, and chairs, as well as were able to construct new tables and fund the building of new gazebo and guinea pig roofs. Our efforts were greatly rewarded when we received thank you cards from the local students who attend the school. Despite a first day with a few complications between team members and various shortages of supplies, we were able to cleanly pull through and achieve the final outcome we were hoping for 1 day early. We truly owe our success to our Global Glimpse Leaders for their guidance and care, our trip coordinators for their patience and understanding, as well as Aleksys, our wonderful budgeting manager, Nestor, our construction and moral leader, and Jackson, our painting executive. We would not have accomplished nearly as much as we did without them.

After regrouping over a yummy lunch of chicken and rice as well as a potato soup and cucumber salad, we were able to wash off all the paint from our tedious work day and headed off to our forth English tutoring lesson over at El Nazareno. Here, we  recounted previous lessons and had tons of fun playing various games with our children. We’ve all become mothers and fathers as well as teachers and tutors over these days.

Next, we dined over at Roma Santa and had a hefty course of spaghetti as well as a side of zucchini and carrot salad.

Tonight, we finish up this post as a last taste of being the Leaders of the Day and pass off the torch to Allison and Angela who we are sure will be fantastic role models and guiding figures.

Goodnight GG family and friends,

Perla and Jialin