Hello GG family and friends, welcome to our channel! So today, we continued our CAP project for the Rio Grande community. Our day started with a sugary breakfast which consisted of chocolate covered bananas, pancakes, mangoes, and CHURROS! Then, we gathered onto the bus and headed to Rio Grande.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by the local community children with hugs and lots of love. Our gardening team was pulled away to cut and paint a few tires for the future plants while our building team stayed at the location to finish the benches off with the help of some locals. After working for a while, we gathered at the community school for some lunch. We had some veggies, rice, beans, and pork chops. Then, all of our committees joined together to finish off our amazing and colorful tires so that they’ll be ready for tomorrow. We left Rio Grande around 3:30.

Once we arrived at the hotel, we had quiet time so we could clean up and rest in time to explore the city. Some of us went to the market, went shopping, or got ice cream. Fortunately, the city was having a Sunday evening get together in the plaza and some of the Glimpsers danced and hung around until dinner time. For dinner, we had salad with strawberries, chips and salsa, and quesadillas. We concluded the night with our nightly meeting and handed of the torch of leadership to a new duo.

As leaders, we learned the hard way that cutting tires is very very very difficult especially when you have to flip them inside out. On a serious note, we learned that our time together is coming to an end and we will be home in a couple of days. We gained new leadership skills and created more friendships that we hope will last for a while. We will see you very soon! We love you guys, thanks for tuning in to C2B’s blog and we will see you next time. Sweet dreams!